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How you can support Mike and the Cat's of Crystal River

If you feel inspired by Mikes story you can  show support  by sending cat food to his friends Veterinary office at 

7660 W. Gulf to Lake Hwy., Crystal River, FL 34429. Include message that it's for Mike or you can send money for cat food to my my Venmo or PayPal.  Just be sure to leave a memo with each donation so that I know what it is for. This will be through my account and I will pick up the food and bring it to Mike. 

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Ways that you can support my work/projects. 

​If you feel inspired to support the work and projects that I am doing you can purchase one of my 2023 Calendars, work with me on creating the  Wall Mural of your dreams or donate directly to my Venmo or PayPal. 

Just leave a memo describing what it's for etc. Manatee project, Food & Medical Supplies for Venezuela. 

Follow me on Instagram & Facebook. 


Florida Water & Manatee

I'm looking for connections with people who are feeding the manatee this winter in the Indian River Lagoon. Would like to connect with James Powell and the people who are rehabbing and releasing injured manatee in Florida. The people at the Sea and Shoreline who are planting the grasses.  I would especially love to connect with and support the work that the Micousukee and Seminoles are doing in terms of protecting and caring for the water in Florida. ​


If you have access that you are inspired to share with me or tips on safe locations that I can easily launch out on my paddle board before sunrise and after sunset in Crystal  River near 3 sisters spring/Hunters Spring or any of the springs/rivers in Florida, Santa Fe River, Ichetucknee River, Oklawaha River, Indian River lagoon I would greatly appreciate it! 


I finally started feeling safe enough to drive last year and started to look for a vehicle to replace my motorcycle that was totaled in an accident in 2019. My search started during a time when  the price of used cars went up by 40% due to the pandemic.

Prices are slowly starting to come down & I have been putting money aside for a car but the prices are still outrageous. If you see a great deal on a mechanically sound Van or Toyota Highlander with low mileage please send it my way.  This will help me to spend more time at the locations that I am documenting. ​


Gallery Space Exhibits

I'm looking to do a selective amount of Gallery exhibits. Message me with your favorite Galleries to exhibit at. 

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